Super Bowl 2012: Go Ahead. Pick Against The Philadelphia Eagles.They Dare You.

The Chicago Bears are 3-1, but they should be 1-three. Unfortunately, they choose to believe they truly are three-one. What am I talking about? The Bears lost to the New York Giants seventeen-three. They had two quarterbacks injured and gave up ten sacks. Lovie Smith made two feedback that come straight out of Grimm’s Fairytales: “We finished up the initial quarter of the season three-one,” and “It was a total team reduction for us.” No Lovie, the loss arrived as the result of bad offensive line play and a shell-stunned quarterback who didn’t know when to get rid of the ball.

Watching the Browns trying to execute their offense with the direct was like watching a young guy trying to unhook his first bra strap. He just does not know what to do! He is frightened and puzzled because he hasn’t been in this scenario prior to. Sort of like what the Browns felt when they had been winning this football sport. They didn’t know what to do.

Tyrell Sutton, Detroit Lions Jerseys – Sutton has one hundred forty yards on 27 carries (five.2 ypc) with a TD. It’s could earn him a gig on a apply squad someplace or the UFL.

AFC North: Baltimore Ravens (predicted document: 11-five). With Pittsburgh rolling more than them in the playoffs they will look to make a splash in the competitive AFC North. They signed pro bowl FB Vonta Leach and got some good expertise in the draft including a needed CB Jimmy Smith and WR Torrey Smith to summarize. The Steelers are the #1 threat to the Ravens but with Hines Ward declining in his old age they should appear to capitalize.

The offensive line finished that one with a score. Smith, who credited Atlanta’s front-line protectors in the get, hopes to have similar success on Saturday.