Tina 2nd part

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The second part is also from the I-Net.

On the highway

It was on the way from Germany to Spain. My friend Tina and I just came back from a visit to the musical Cats and dillion harper anal drove directly from there on vacation to Spain. Since it was at night, we drove over the abandoned and only sparsely illuminated highway.

Tina has medium brown shorter hair, a beautiful face and other attributes that often cause a hard cock: a lush bust (75D), a round butt and sexy legs.

On the ride she wore an elegant, short black dress because of the occasion, under it held-up black transparent Struempfe with a long seam behind and high-heeled shoes. Underneath the dress, her big boobs, which I especially loved, clearly showed off.

When I saw her sitting there so elegantly, I inevitably had to stroke her thigh, whose black cover was anal videos dull and dull.

When I touched her, I felt her flinch.

My hand continued under the dress, felt her bare thighs on the garters. I gently stroked her soft skin, which she supported with an encouraging “Continue!”.

I stroked on and touched her panties briefly. Already this almost imperceptible touch was enough to arouse my friend’s excitement. Her abdomen now stretched out to my hand.

“Caress my Moese, please!”

Her voice was almost imploring. She pulled up her dress and spread her legs. “Come on ! “She demanded once again obtrusively. Although I continued to turn my attention to the freeway, the sight fascinated me tremendously. I gently stroked over her panties.

“Solid!” amateur anal [analporn.firsttimeanalporn.com] She commanded.

But I stayed with the gentle circular movements on her labia, which clearly stood out through the thin fabric, However, I avoided touching her clit because I had to drive so and did not want them in the car over me!

But it was too late. She lay back in the seat and pulled her panties over the long, black legs, put one over the dashboard, the other over my legs.

She looked at my excitement during this action and enjoyed my hot look on her uncovered pussy. Clearly, the clitoris and the inner labia were visible. In addition, the seductive scent of wet Moese rose to my nose.

“Well, how do you like that? She asked, taking my index finger and stroking gently through the wet crevice.

This feeling of wetness let my cock in the wide pleated trousers up fast, the more, the longer they satisfied themselves with my index finger.

The tightness in my pants had not escaped her, because after a few moments I felt her other hand on my pants.

“Oh, I love that twitch,” she said, opening the zipper.

“No, not now ! I have to drive! “I tried a weak defense, but it was too late. Already she fished her member and before I knew it, she had my cock in the mouth!

I saw stars! First, she licked the whole staff, massaging my balls. Then she first took the glans between her lips and drove slowly up and down, again and again.

I pushed up. So much animated, she took with each “thrust” more cock in him until she almost over the whole length of the pen up and down glided like a savage.

Luckily, there was a parking lot right now, where we stopped in a dark corner.

“Come on, in the back seat,” Tina invited me and got out, but I had other plans: The warm summer night allowed a fuck outdoors.

I got out and took off pants and panties, whereupon my penis unfolded in its full glory.

Tina had now spread out in the back seat, but I pulled her out of the car.

“Take off your dress.” Her shy glances in all directions showed that she was not comfortable with the idea of ​​walking around here without a dress.

“No dress with a dress!” I threatened and her lust won.

She pulled the dress over her head and was now only in bra, Struempfen and shoes in front of me.

“The bra! “I commanded, and with a quick movement my girlfriend broke her plump, thick breasts. The sight brought my lust to the climax, but I wanted to further irritate her.

In the parking lot was a well-lit Toilettenhaeuschen and in the distance of a bank, only moderately lit.

“Come on!” I said and pulled her behind me towards the bench.

“But not in the light?” She refused.

“Do you want to be fucked or not?” I asked her, left her standing by the car, went to the bank, sat down and stroked my cock.

And here, too, won her lust. She came over to me, rode up to me and blew my cock with such vehemence that I had never experienced before.

Then she knelt down next to me, stretched out her behind and said “FUCK ME NOW!”. I stroked gently over the curves of her ass and over her soft cunt. Then I stood behind her, put on the tail and pushed him with a violent movement deep into her abdomen. She started up loud. I rammed like a savage.

In, out, in, out, her wet hot pussy massaged my penis like a strong fist. My balls beat against her butt again and again. After a short while, her stretching increased to small sharp screams, which made it clear to me that her orgasm approached. I kept pushing, getting tighter and tighter, until I finally felt a wild twitch in her pussy and her orgasm exploded in a loud scream. Fortunately, there were no people in this parking lot, this cry was heard everywhere!

I pulled my cock out so she could sit down. Her sweaty body showed it was done, but there was no end.

“Go on, blow it, I want to inject you in the face!”, I said full of lust and pushed her cock deep into her mouth. There could be no question of bubbles, because I fucked her in the mouth, as I had previously done from behind and she did her best to make it as pleasant as possible for me.

After a few moments, I was ready.

“Open your mouth and jerk it all out!”, My cock jerked wildly.

I stood in front of her, she opened wide her sweet mouth and stuck out her tongue, as if she wanted to be gefuettert. She held my cock just before her tongue and jerked him off wildly. That gave me the rest. I felt the sperm shoot through the entire length of my pipe and a full jet landed directly on her tongue.

“Mmm,” she said, swallowing everything, my girlfriend is a decided sperm lover. A second shot hit her lip. I kept venting, so soon tongue, lips and nose smeared sperm-smeared and her stuff dripped from the chin on the plump tits.

But more and more she jerked the cream out of my limb until nothing came.

When it was over, she sucked my cock nice and clean, before we went back to the car, my girlfriend cleaned herself and we drove on towards Spain, further horny adventures.